ACA Hip Hop

ACA Hip Hop

Love dance for dance itself and never stop.

ACA Hip Hop is a competitive dance team based at UCLA, comprised of dancers who share a love for all styles of dance and performance. We are a family that values and encourages dedication, teamwork, and growth. With all the late nights dancing in parking lots while balancing jobs, extracurriculars, and rigorous academics, our dancers achieve the discipline and work ethic that will make them influential leaders in the community. The skills we learn and the strong friendships we make contribute to how ACA Hip Hop has become a supportive network that goes beyond just the dancing. With this foundation in our professionalism and love for each other, we hope to inspire and be inspired as we continue to strengthen our presence in the dance community.

ACA Hip Hop has participated in many major dance competitions, including Prelude NorCal (placing 1st in 2013), The Bridge Dance Competition, Urban Street Jam (placing 1st in 2014), All Cal, Vibe, Fusion, and Ultimate Brawl as well as various on campus events such as Spring Sing, Battle of the Pledges, Chinese Heritage Festival, ACA’s annual Chinese American Cultural Night, BreakLA, and Ken-Ya Dance SoCal (UCI).

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Chavy Chiang
Kelcey Joyce
Franklin Yu

Dance Captain:
James Cebedo
Jisoo Choi

Co-Administrative Assistants:
Rachel Fujikawa
Jasmine Lin

Head of Team Relations:
Dominique Castro

Siana Kim
Willie Scott

Artistic Advisors:
Markus Pe Benito
Tung Vu

Administrative Advisors:
Alli Foronda
Lisa Fukuizumi

Alexander Tang
Alicia Liu
Angelo Janio
Bianca Ocampo
Bryan Salvador
Christian Paris
Danyel Moulton
Eileen Cho
Ellen Min
Hannah Kang
Jaclyn Chu
Jenny Kwak
Josh Kim
Jucel Andrin
Kevin Lee
Kevin Mathews
Krissie Viado
Kyle Lester
Maria Rodriguez
Maya K-Abrams
Natasha Tran
Nicole Chun
Pierre Nguyen
Rovika Ponce
Ruby Chien
Stacey Yu
Taleeah Mesa
Tracy Nguyen
Yuki Naka
Zenon Davis