Q: Do we have to be CHINESE to join?
A: NO, absolutely not! ACA focuses on the Chinese American biculturalism of students at UCLA within the community. ACA is a multicultural club with many non-Chinese members.

Q: With so many members in ACA, how can it be personal?
A: Each member has the choice to be put into a family with around 15-20 other members with whom you can attend ACA events with.

Q: Do I have to pay? I’m a college student!
A: Your membership fees include a membership card LOADED with discounts to local restaurants and establishments. Depending on which membership package you choose, you can get orientation dance ticket (applicable Fall Quarter only) and/or the year’s t-shirt too!

Q: I’m always busy studying, what are the time commitments for ACA?
A: There are no mandatory events or general meetings to attend, so 0% commitment level! You come out when you want!

Q: Is it too late for me to join?
A: It’s never too late to join! Just show up to our meetings or come to our table on Bruin Walk to find out about our upcoming events, and we’ll give you a membership form too.

Q: When is the ACA Bruin Walk table open?
A: Weekdays 10am-3pm, during the school year.
10am-4pm on clubbing weeks.
Closed on school holidays, 10th, and Finals weeks.