We accept membership year-round, so it’s never too late to join!

Pick up a membership form from the ACA table on Bruin Walk or print it out yourself: ACA Membership Form 2015-2016 . Turn in all membership forms at the ACA table on Bruin Walk. We’re open weekdays during the school year, 10am-3pm (closed on 10th and finals weeks).

ACA Ski Trip 2014 @ Lake Tahoe

Why Join?

You know how they say college is the best time of your life? Well, it definitely is. And ACA can be a big part of it.

UCLA is a big campus. Lots of things go on here. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out what’s going on. Other times, you wonder how you can meet new people when students in your class are so engaged in their studies and not so much their social lives. Well, check out ACA.

ACA offers: 1) A broad spectrum of fun events, 2) close lifelong friendships, 3) membership benefits/discounts, 4) an opportunity to become involved in an organization on campus, 5) college memories, and many more!

We hold events nearly every week, so there’s always something to do: Dumpling Night, clubbing events, Chinese American Culture Night (CACN), Family Nights, the list goes on!

We consistently have 500+ members each year. Sounds scary, but don’t worry. ACA’s got your back with our family system! Being in a family gives you a small group of people you can hang out and become great friends with! Hold fantastic family nights! Go to ACA events together!  Study and ace your classes together!

Yes, you can always meet people elsewhere, but ACA membership offers discounted payments for many of our events!  For example, a non-member would have to pay $300 for our annual Ski Trip, while a member will pay $285. The savings add up if you’re a member.

Other Benefits

Have the option of being placed into a family!
Fill out the Membership form and request to be placed in a family by our General Representatives!

In a school with OVER 30,000 students and in an organization that will have around 500 members at its peak, the Family System provides a more intimate setting to hang out with a staffer and 15-20 members whom SHARE YOUR INTERESTS.

Discounts, discounts, discounts!
By becoming a member, you’re entitled to numerous discounts from our various sponsors.

Get updated!
On top of that, you will be notified of all upcoming ACA events! So many opportunities to meet people!