The culture night productions can and could not be achieved if it were not for the efforts of the production board, support of generous sponsors, and the enthusiasm provided by the community. We are thankful to all those who help: CACN Board is comprised of 19 UCLA students, who are supported by around 50 Association of Chinese Americans staff members and interns. Performers include 11 cast members and 90 members from independent clubs and ACA “aspects”: 10 from Chinese Cultural Dance Club, 15 from UCLA Wushu, 25 from ACA Lion Dance, and 40 from ACA Hip Hop. This page is a look behind the curtain of the show that is loved by many and you can see how you can help as well.

Although the 2018 production has already passed, you are welcome to donate until our next production is under way at:

Video created by Mary An Nan and Raymond Phan (2019)

Video created by Rachel Lu and Lynn Tieu